Snowden’s Claim

By: Jordan Allen

I agree with Edward Snowden’s claims of COVID-19 changing the way the government accesses our privacy without consent. I also agree with Snowden that it is a concern that the government is tracking citizen’s movements through our phones. Information on our phone should be kept private between the user and no one else. I support this ideal because if the information that they are collecting is about me then I should have an influence and some control over it. Even before the virus, the government had their own means of tracking citizens’ locations. The virus just gave more of a reason because they wanted to track people who contracted the disease to help cease the spread. With them tracking all of our movements, I still do not believe this is the most effective way to go about this. With the government and companies anonymizing the persons with the virus and overtracking the amount of people, contract-tracking becomes useless. 

Throughout this pandemic there are people everywhere who are willing to withhold the fact they have contracted the disease. This would mean that there are no accurate stats on the amount of people who have actually caught the virus. 

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