Civilization and Discontents

By: Jordan Allen

Any form of premise is, ultimately, repressive of human nature because you don’t truly have the ability of being pronounced free. According to Sigmund Freud, “…we seek to protect ourselves against the threats that emanate from the sources of suffering are part of that very civilization.” Freud explains through this quote that suffering is truly inescapable living in a civilization because an individual never has control. A person is always controlled by a set of laws and guidelines. I believe that human nature should allow a person to express and find themselves. We as people should be free to learn more about themselves. In doing so, an individual can grow as a person, find happiness, and have less inner conflict. 

Freud believes in the idea that women are more into opting against the idea of a civilization. Women are the ones pushed into more of the background work of the civilization. Men are more seen as the front runners and businessmen of a society. When men are into their works they are taken away from important positions like being a husband and a father. This leaves people drawn from forming deeper connections and family bonds. 

I personally agree with some of the ideals that Sigmund Freud speaks on because I believe that in this world people should be free to do what they want. I think in a civilization people get too caught up on the idea of living under a system. When you are living in a system under laws I think you are in a constant cycle of working to survive. I don’t think we were placed in this world to do so. I think as humans we are here to experience human nature. This can be humans sharing similar experiences of feelings, psychology, and behaviors. This is how one can find their happiness.     

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