Ability and Comfortability

By: Jordan Allen

My ability and comfortability to work with others in a group setting is of high quality. I believe when it comes to group work I like to make sure that everyone’s amount of work is equally shared. This allows for people who have weaknesses and strengths in a particular area for others to pick up the workload that suits them best. I think I am good at sharing my own perspectives and being open minded to others opinions. In my past experiences, I would always  try my best on my behalf in order to ensure that I get my point across. This also helped my professor understand that I knew what I was talking about.

My ability to use technology to connect with a larger audience is advanced. I am able to navigate social media tools effectively in order to reach out to a larger group. Over these couple years I have had many experiences using social media to talk to people my age for projects in school. From making flyers and posters, I have learned what’s attractive to outsiders to get them interested in what they see.  

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