A True Dystopia

By: Jordan Allen

I believe a dystopia in my own definition is a fantasized society or world that hates people solely on the fact that they are different. In a way the society is controlled by the government and the citizens living under the strict laws. If laws are broken, citizens are are punished by torture, death and or isolation. I like to think that a dystopian society has little to no freedom within it. People are forced to have to think the same and be the same. There is no originality to anything a person does living under these rules. The government’s purpose is to strive for absolute perfectness. This ultimately leaves the citizens depressed and leaves them to lack originality with their personalities. Conformity is the overall goal I believe they would strive for the people and their society.

In a dystopia, there are many common factors that are implemented into this society. These factors include issues like survival, technology control, and environmental destruction. Due to the government being corrupt, issues may spur at any moment in the world. The government could be going into war making land inhabitable. This could cause depression constantly battling for one’s life. This would ultimately be survival of the fitness due to all the violent actions. There are just some things in a dystopia where the control is out of the citizens hands. Being able to access all technology would be limited because the government would have full control of everything. Everything in the society would be ruled from intimidation and fear.  

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