A Dystopia Defined

By: Jordan Allen

A dystopia is a society that is strictly controlled by the government that stands on the construct of an oppressed state for those who live underneath it.

In an oppressed world, there are numerous normal factors that are executed into this general public. These elements incorporate issues like endurance, innovation control, and ecological obliteration. In this world anything bad could spur at any time due to the domination of the government. I personally believe within a society with a little to no freedom leaves room for citizens to be depressed. 

In the reading the “Five Faces of Oppression” by Iris Young focuses on the ideas of marginalization, powerlessness, violence, and cultural domination. A theme from the reading that stuck out the most was the idea of powerlessness. In a dystopian society a sense of powerlessness is always being displayed because the government has the utmost authority. Once someone is in that position they must be submissive to given orders. This is seen in many aspects of different societies today. 

An additional reading that was looked at through the semester would be “1984”, by George Orwell. In this novel the people are being watched by hidden cameras and microphones. These were used to spy on Oceania’s citizens. This left people living in fear since they were always being watched.The government was controlling so they had to be cautious with their actions because they did not want to offend them. This breaks down how certain dystopian societies are viewed. These controlling environments think they are mimicking a utopian world, but in reality nothing is actually perfect.  

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