Is This Real Life?

Based on our definition of a dystopia, I would say that Xavier has certain dystopian aspects. The campus is pretty, small and crowded with a variety of social classes. While there is a variety of social classes, there is definitely a social hierarchy that separates the rich and the poor.

If a student lives on campus, there is a constant presence of police, a large variety of rules and curfews. The dorm halls all have strict rules for who can enter them, how long they can stay and where exactly they can go. When you live in the halls, you have to also abide by certain rules of what you can and can’t own. Furthermore, your space is not really private because residential assistants can check your room randomly, searching for banned items.

The dining hall also has certain hours and limited food choices. The constant presence of police is supposed to make students feel safe, but majority feel like targets instead of protected. Overall, based on these experiences I’d say that Xavier has a lot of characteristics that make it dystopian.

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