Intellectual Self-reflection

As a student, I mentally avoid classes that do a lot of reading and writing because I have historically struggled with critically analyzing fictional texts and films. I have a hard time thinking of real-life examples or relations to the materials I am analyzing. It is very easy for me to create my own lesson out of these works, but I struggle with finding the bigger picture. Fortunately, this has improved over the last few years with practice in various English, history, or philosophy classes. I feel that as I continue to grow, learn more about the world, and keep attempting to analyze things and make connections as I appreciate different works, my ability to critically analyze fictional texts and films improves. The improvement also comes as my mental library grows and I can recall more of what I have encountered in the past. So to improve on this skill, I must continue exposing myself to different materials to practice and expand my mental library consistently.

I feel that I am proficient in analyzing and comprehensively describing the underlying assumptions of different views. While there is always room for improvement, my ability to view something in the lens of another group/ person has been influenced by early exposure to a very diverse environment. Diversity throughout one’s life helps them relate to the world around them even more. It has made me more understanding in life and in controversial situations. I feel that being able to fully understand alternative views without bias allows me to then explain those views to those who may be biased and help people find the points of disconnection in between each other. It has proven to be a very helpful skill for conflict resolution and operating through life. With that being said, this is a skill I never want to stop improving because it helps open people up.

As a person and a student, I seek opportunities for continuous growth in every aspect. I take what I learn in the classroom and apply it to my very day life and continuously surround myself by the material that is to be known. I am constantly developing greater proficiency as a self-regulated learner. If I had to rate myself on a scale from 1-10, I would say I am at about six. The first five steps are because of my eagerness to learn and passion for seeking knowledge. But, I feel I am only one step above that because I don’t take sufficient action in self-regulating my learning. I need to learn how to seek knowledge when the material isn’t good to know for a class. When I have free time, I try to learn more about what can help me improve as a person but I need to start being more proficient in regulating my learning to practice for the future, when I have graduated and I am free to make my own decisions about the materials I choose to take in.

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