Working In Groups? Does it Help Me?

My experience working in groups in the past has not been the best. I tend to work better with individual assignments than I do in group assignments. Honestly I feel that the reason for that is that I feel that I might mess up or make a mistake, and that mistake can translate to a lower grade for my group. I don’t want to make anyone upset or harm anyone’s grades and when I am in a group project I have the power to do that. I have had successful group projects probably more successful ones than unsuccessful ones but if I had a choice to to a group project or an individual one, I would choose the individual one.

I am very adept at using technology to communicate with larger audiences. It is almost a prerequisite that every Gen z human knows how to use social media to communicate to a larger audience. I do it on a daily basis whether if its with Instagram, Facebook, Group Text, or even Snapchat I am always communicating in some way to a larger audience. There have been times where I have slacked in using technology to communicate, but I have improved much since then.

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