Ur-Fascism, Does it Still Exist?

After reading Eco’s “Ur-Fascism”, write a blog post in which you consider whether you believe that Ur-Fascism currently exists in the world today. Be specific where and in what form you think it exists. Provide a link that supports your discussion.

Ur-Fascism has to do with a limit of freedom through traditional/cultist means. Rejection of new ideals, sticking to tradition and not modernizing, having an “its either you are with us or against us mentality”, and a fear of change or difference are all aspects of UR-Fascism. I think some forms of UR-Fascism exists in the world today, specifically with countries like North Korea. North Korea is known for banning many freedoms to its citizens and tourists such as aspects of self expression, the right to practice ones own religion, and even limit free speech. North Korea has been known to produce everything themselves and to reject any new ideologies that the supreme ruler disagrees with. There is also a sense of nationalism in North Korea like no other, in North Korea all that matters is the display of power to make other countries look weak and their country look strong. In North Korea there is always a seeking of power and nothing else with little regard given to the citizens of North Korea with limitations such as WIFI, speech, and different political ideologies. Many of these aspect of North Korea are highlighted in a 4 minute YouTube video created by Nas Daily which will be linked below.

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