Least Dystopian Government?

I feel as if an ideal democracy is the least dystopian form of government. In an ideal democracy, everyone regardless of race, religion, gender identity, and sexual identity can have an equal shot at good life. How democracy works is a government run directly and with representatives that the people represent. This does give people freedom of choice which in essence is an important part of defining utopia but the politicians who run no matter they are from, they have a high chance of being corrupt and bending to the will of the rich 1%. I do believe democracy is the least dystopian form of government, but honestly I don’t believe any form of government is utopian or anything close. As long as classism exists as well as things like racism, homophobia, exc…., there will always be a system created to benefit one group of people over the other. If some human beings were not inherently selfish, a true democracy could work and we could strive for equality and equity.

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