Higher Education Dystopian?

Is higher education dystopian? I believe that in some ways it is. Higher education past the high school level is beneficial in some ways in that it can further your degree in to starting new successful careers. It also puts an individual into a “higher class” of society which is more of a social construct. The problem with higher education however has a lot too do with student debt. When students go through their undergraduate, graduate, and post-grad degrees they are often swarmed with student loans which they end up paying for the rest of their lives. Higher education also posses a trap of sorts to where students are told to go to these expensive/prestigious universities to end up getting an even better job in the future but are still swamped in student debt. The students are also not guaranteed a job after their degrees as well which in turn hurts them significantly when finding the money to pay for their student debt. So yes in more ways than none, Higher Education right now can be attributed more to a dystopia but can change more for the better in the future.

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