Defining Dystopia

Dystopia is an ungood society or culture that limits things like freedom of expression, individuality, religious freedoms, speech, free thought, and even sex.

Dystopia has always been thought of to be societies that are apocalyptical in nature like in Mad Max: Fury Road. Throughout this class I learned that dystopia has a much broader definition. How I started recognizing dystopia is by using utopia. Utopia is described as a perfect society while dystopias are more imperfect in nature. How dystopias become imperfect is when a group of people become controlled and often live discontented and often non fulfilling lives. This happens usually when a government or governing power abuses their authority and bends the people they rule under to live by their rules and regulations. This can lead to people becoming numb and not seeing the potential beauty in life. in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, dystopia is highlighted. In the book propaganda is used to benefit the ruling party of Oceania and it is shown that the people are being manipulated out of their individuality almost becoming like robots working for “The Man” so to speak. The book also highlights the trap that the citizens are put under and how no matter how hard they try they can never be their own person and make their own choices. This is highlighted when Winston is forced too betray the one he loves towards the end f the series. There are many non-fiction and fiction stories of dystopia. Dystopia can also be applied to a group of people in a certain society and to that group the society might be a dystopia but to another group in might be a utopia because they heavily benefit individually from the said society.

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