My opinion on group work

Personally I don’t like working in groups nor do i completely dislike them if that makes sense. If I can pick my group I’m more comfortable working in groups because I’m most likely working with people I know will hold up their end of the deal and handle their responsibilities within the group. It’s when the groups are assigned where I’m kind of weary, only because in the past my grades have suffered due to not everyone pulling their weight. Or, other people in the group including myself have to pick up the slack and do another persons work. Regardless I think I’m rather a good team player and always do my share, I do have to work on my communication when it comes to group things though. I can be last minute at times.

Honestly my ability to use technology to communicate with larger audiences could be better. I say that because I’ve never really tried to use it to do so, so I don’t have any experience in that aspect. Now reaching the day to day small percent of people I interact with on social media I have experience with. But as far as a bigger crowd I really don’t know my abilities, I assume because I use social media often it’s pretty good.

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