Is no government the best government?

I think that no government would be the least dystopian. According to Hobbes, this would be inaccurate. He called those without government savages and the way they live brutish. In spite of what Hobbes thinks, I actually feel as though if there is no government then no one could impose on your natural rights. There would be no oppression of a higher force, only oppression of man against man.

Looking at the cons of no government, there are quite a few as with any government. For example, if there was no goverment most people would claim there would be an anarchy. Another thing people would say is that man would kill each other for power or even more exploitation. But what I would say to these cons is that there were many civilizations that have no governing body. For example, Native Americans have lived and some even still live with not governing body. Even some countries still live with no government.

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