Is a utopian the answer to our problems?

I do agree in a sense. However, I don’t think a utopia is the key to overcome a dystopia. I say this because of Robinsons idea of a anti-utopia. According to him, an anti-utopiasĀ is saying a utopia is wrong and that if we try to make it better it will make things worse. So, basically he says that its creates a intended or unintendedĀ totalitarian state.

But I also say it could be because thinking of the definition of a utopia being an idea that the political order could be run better. it is the opposite of the definition of a dystopia, which is the idea that the political order could get worse. Which is literally the exact opposite. by saying a utopia is a world where things are good but could get better is in turn the opposite of a dystopia. As where a dystopia is where things could get worse. meaning a utopia could indeed overcome a dystopia, if it is ran well. Because as mentioned before a anti-utopia could lead to something worse.

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