Dystopia: an inhuman society?

Based on my experience with books and movies, I would define dystopia to be somewhat of an apocalyptic society or a place where everything is desensitized and inhumane.

This is my definition of the word because when I first thought of a dystopia after reading the textbook definition I immediately thought of the book “The Hunger Games” and “The Giver”. Where the society are severely desensitized to death and killing, where the government govern people as if they are not human being, and where people are treated as a commodity. In both these books, the citizens live in a society that is unrealistic to the one we live in today, some might even say it is a barbaric society that’s displayed. One could even say it is a bad lace because of the things the citizens witness and are put through by said government. For these exact reasons, I feel as though my definition speaks truest to what a dystopia really is.

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