A Dystopian Education

Personally, I don’t think America’s higher educational system is a dystopia. I don’t think the system as whole is a dystopia, however, I do think there are certain aspects that display dystopian characteristics. I say this because you’re literally paying for an education and a mighty high price, might I add. Which does not allow everyone to gain access to a higher education. Another thing I would like to mention is the fact that at some colleges, there are a restriction of freedom. For example, in certain cases that could be a curfew or rules on what they can wear or even what type of music they can play. Generally though it is usually not extreme.

Now there are a couple reasons why I don’t think it can classify as a dystopia. I say this because a common ideal of a dystopia, is the loss of individualism. Which in college there is not really a loss of that. College is a place where people actually find their individualism, where they “find themselves”. Another ideal of a dystopian society deals with control. While there is some censorship at times, they cannot totally censor students. For example, there have been protest at many schools and while they have tried at times to quiet the students. There has not been a total censorship of the students nor a restriction of freedom.

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