I, Robot

I, Robot starring Will Smith is a science fiction action film. This movie is based in the year 2035  in Chicago, where robots serve humans. Del Spooner is a homicide detective that distrusts and hates all robots. It is important to note that his deeply rooted hatred toward robots is because a robot rescued him from a car crash instead of a child, leaving the child to drown. When the leading scientist behind the manufacturing of all robotics died, Spooner was in charge of investigating. The scientist death was ruled a suicide; although, Spooner believed that robots were behind his untimely and suspicious death. While pursuing his theory, he uncovered that not every robot had the same programming. In the end, detective Spooner saved mankind from a robot rebellion. 

This film is considered dystopian because it displays themes of propaganda, lack of free-will, and advanced technology. Propaganda is displayed in this movie because the government markets the robots as a necessity. Everyone owns robots and if a person didn’t they were encouraged to. In this movie robots are made in the human form and are sold as a necessity to citizens. The robots are known to always place a human first, especially, before their own life. This displays the dystopian theme for the lack of free will. For instance, all robots are programmed to follow laws that protect all humans and would give humans the upper hand in any situation. The last dystopian theme is advanced technology. This dystopian theme is displayed in this movie because the robots were designed to improve the quality of life for humans but resulted in enslaving them due to a takeover in the system. The robotic revolution showed that human programming can never be completely unflawed and can be simply overridden. Also, the theme of advanced technology shows that robots are better suited for many jobs that humans currently carry out because they are more precise and can do the work faster. Lastly, in a world that is constantly advancing technology, I believe that this movie concept is possible to occur in the future. 

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