The Complex Human Society


When trying to respond to Freud’s premise that any form of government is, ultimately, repressive of human nature, I began to identify how Freud’s belief of civilization. I believe that civilization would always come across difficulty when the human instinct is selfish. Many human beings are discontent with what they already have which causes people to have the more “mentality.” As I read and annotated the assigned reading I found that Freud viewed repression as the “unconscious blocking of unpleasant emotions, impulses, memories, and thoughts from your conscious mind.” I found that Freud believes this to be a defense mechanism to try to limit certain humanistic feelings of guilt and anxiety. One can say that when feelings and emotions come about there is an exchange of energy and transformation. Freud further makes the reader dig deeper into the reading because of the ability for people to look at their past experiences and childhood behaviors to see if that influences their characteristics. I do believe that experiences change how people view life and defining whether these decisions are conscious or unconscious. I do think experience shape who we are in society and who we need to be to ourselves.

In the text, Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud wrote his theory and states how civilization is a problem and it makes us in happy. I agree because of this notion of civilization oppressing individuals and people not obtaining complete happiness. I believe if humans are governed it will be repressive because of how aggressive humans can be and ability to hurt each other with words and actions. As I read the three main points of displeasure that we must master according to Freud, I thought about how we need other humans to get through life, share experiences with, or even feel validated, just to name a few. Civilization and governance makes people unhappy because it limits individual freedom and human have to obey and give up who they really are like the aggressive nature. Personally, I believe we must look at the relationship between man and society to get a better understanding of who we are.

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