Teamwork Makes The DreamWork

I believe when working in a group, I am consider myself to be a team player and learning how to compromise. In my own abilities, I am able to have everyone pitch ideas for the best possible outcome. As a teammate, I believe in picking up the slack in areas someone may not be strong in. I also think that when working in a group people must be comfortable to plan ahead in case a mishap occurs on the actual deadline. When working in a group at Xavier, I had an experience to be the only one contributing to the assignment and given group members who never held up to their part of the assignment. I have learned how to push forward to get the possible grade and learning experience.

With technology and a mass communication major, I have developed a relationship to experimenting with different technologies and apps. I have also mastered the skills of editing on Adobe and iMovie. While having this skill it has been an advantage to reach people from all different walks of life and communicate messages that are informative. I am also aware that with platforms such as twitter, instagram, and Facebook; a person must look into copyright issues and be cautious of the material that they are using. This is important because if I am unaware of how to use a certain technology. I will begin to research and investigate ways to use it in the best possible manner.

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