Right Wing Form of Government

I believe that Ur-Fascism is very much so exist in the world today. I believe ur-fascism comes from individual or social frustration. This is significant because historically fascism has appealed to fluster middle class people. The middle class basically suffered from an economic crisis, political humiliation, and frightened to seek down to a level of poverty. With this power, ur-fascism begins to grow and exploit the natural fear of difference. I think the ur-fascism is the cult of tradition and routine. In today’s society, this can be viewed as men working in automobile factories along with past history of women being solely mothers, teachers, secretaries, or nuns. Many people have compared ur-fascism to Donald Trump but people should consider the slogan “Make America Great Again” holds value in this discussion. This looks at the American Dream and its purpose was to create a betterment for society. This is looking at how America was suppose to be the land of the free and the home of the brave but then again not all people are fearless because of oppression, brutality, and inequality.

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