I really believe that I have been intentional when working with my group. It was quite challenging to finally meet in person with my group members because of our schedule. I was a head coordinator to get everyone’s schedule in sync so we could meet. I believe I had a postive attitude and helped contribute ideas such as comparing Divergent to the Black police brutality victims. I also contributed with the sound effects that would best fit the song. I think the biggest lesson I learned was the importance of compromise, transparency, and open converstations. I had a good experience with these group of people because we were able to laugh and get work productively.

My group and I found it easier to assign designated jobs for everyone to get the podcast project complete. I think that the most challenging part of the project was the editing and adding music. I believe this was most challenging because it very time consuming. During this process, we used imovie to let edit this project, but it was rather difficult because we want to have converstations to make the podcast as natural as possible. We even recorded everything seperately and sent it to the the designated person for editing. I believe everyone worked hard to accomplish the same goal. I believe everyone was extremely hard-working an and dedicated.

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