Is Knowledge Really Power?

The American higher educational system has become a dystopia in many ways. One example I would like to highlight is the cost of tuition for higher education that does not cater to low-income households. In reality, higher education comes with a price tag. Even though scholarships and financial aid are available it is not necessarily guaranteed to all students especially, international students. I think we can also look at higher education becoming a dystopia because of the need to test students with entrance exams to give them access to higher education institutions. I believe people must consider whether students test well or not. I think individuals must stop looking at the intelligence and performance as just a number (act score or grade point average). Education has also become a dystopia because parents and students then have to spend money on prep to take the test. I think many universities lack diversity which makes it hard for others to learn about others outside of their normal race group. This keeps people stagnant and does not welcome opportunity to grow.

Moreover, I have to shed light on classrooms and universities being overcrowded. I do not believe that some schools have up-to-date resources to adequately support the needs of students. For example, students at Howard University living with mold. I do not believe that is the only university in America that may have poor living conditions and nutritional food. Although, I love technology and online classes. I am concerned with the lack of social interaction of students have with other peers because it limits face to face interaction. It makes me think “ARE WE ALL BECOMING ROBOTS?” DO PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO START A CONVERSATION? HOW ARE PEOPLE MAKING FRIENDS? These are all questions that run through my head.

Lastly, I think we have to address the work options and opportunities for employment after graduation that is a disadvantage. Then prior to being in this program students are “programmed” to memorize concepts, terms, and people to say they are learning. Everyone learns different. Everyone is not the same.

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