The least dystopian government would be a democratic government because of the ability to have two layers of elected public officials. This means that the society is operating under a rule of law that all citizen must follow. It shows that all citizens are equal to fair citizenship, work, pay, education, and other resources. They are not oppressed by dictators are people who try to demean and degrade them in a negative manner. The reason I picked this type of government is because it gives citizens the opportunity to be fully free. Overtime, a good government gives someone the ability to think independently and make their own choices. to make choices.

Freedom can take on many forms but some that seem significant is freedom to worship as one pleases, to publish what one wants, to dress as one likes, to love whomever one desires. These freedoms should be able to occur without deadly or harmful repercussions. I think that with this type of government it needs to look more closely into production and anyone being able to use the earth’s resources (including its people) in any way for the generation of any degree of personal gain. This type of government is rather interesting because it can be viewed as a classical way of life because it will show people how to live and be apart of society. However, one must think about how the responsibility of this would effect the public realm in schools and social media.

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