Fool’s Paradise

From my experience with books, films, and reality, I believe that dystopia is set in the future for a community that is undesirable but tells stories of resilience and courage in totalitarian government as people fight for some type of survival. To justify this definition, I began to think of a controlled and restricted society. Through the definition, I looked at different social controls that take place in the world dealing with the government, military and authority figures. One primary example that I would like to look at a tad bit further is how a dystopian society is structured and plays a significant role in the internal well-being of human emotions and social/ political issues. These issues can consist of environmentalism, racial equality, substance abuse, and animal rights, just to name a few. To create this definition, I would think about how America as a society that trades, lends, educates, and has many perks to the everyday American along with immigrants, and those from foreign countries. However, it can be seen that during the presidential election in 2020 and the COVID-19 virus arising we began to become a country that had to fight for survival because of the many lives that were lost. In addition, movies like hunger games and maze runner can show what dystopia means in the light of Hollywood.

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