The idea of dystopia and utopia is ironic because while dystopia, a chaotic world in which everything and everyone is controlled by an upper, is imaginable and even comparable to our current societies, utopia, a perfect world, seems unattainable. As a Palestinian born during a war, injustice, and oppression are all I’ve ever seen when it comes to my home. Coming to America at 5 years old, in what was supposed to be a ‘utopia’ filled with opportunities and freedom and peace, it was very obvious that a ‘utopia’ does not exist.

My utopia would be a world of no war and no violence. It would be a world where people care for and love each other. The consequence of greed, money, and power is always a bigger evil inflicted on people with lesser power. I want to be an optimist when I think of the world, but the good in the world is not enough to outweigh the bad. My utopia allows us to be optimistic about the world. A world in which the government cares more about the people living and starving on the streets than funding other governments to inflict war on harmless families and children to occupy occupied lands. A world in which countries are not in famine and malnourishment, and children are dying because of dehydration, while other countries contain people with millions and billions of dollars who spend money on diamonds and clothes and shoes. My utopia would be a world of peace, equality, and love. 

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