In Robinson’s essay, “Dystopia’s now”, he categorizes four ways of viewing the world: dystopia, utopia, anti-utopia, and anti-anti utopia thinkers. I think to say I am an anti-utopia thinker would be too pessimistic, and to say I am a utopia thinker would be too optimistic. To be an anti-anti utopia thinker, according to Robinson, is a way of continual imagination of how things might and will get better. To be an anti-utopia thinker, your perspective would be to essentially leave everything alone, as trying to fix the political order, will only make things twice as worse. While there are some truth in that, and maybe deep down there is a part of me that is this thinker due to my privilege of safety, security, and basic necessities, it also is too comfortable of an idea. To be an anti-utopian thinker, is also to say that we should leave everything corrupt and wrong in a country, as to not start an uprising, war, protest, or chaos. But chaos is needed for change. Sitting, and doing nothing to solve a problem that you know is there, makes you part of the problem, which the issue with anti-utopia. That is why I fall into the anti-anti utopian thinkers category. An anti-anti utopian way of thinking is more than just saying that things will get better, but rather thinking of solutions and being proactive.

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