Podcast post production

Generally, I would tend to choose to work alone for projects or assignments if I could. I’ve had bad experiences where I end up doing all of the work, or it is like pulling teeth trying to get your group member together to complete the assignment. So I don’t particularly appreciate working in a group if I do not have to. If I have to work in a group, I tend to take a leadership role, organize everything, and make sure everyone is doing their part.

I am pretty good at using technology. If I do not know something with technology, I can figure it out before having to ask someone else for help. All I had with this podcast project was GroupMe to contact my group members, and it was not easy. I could text in our group chat and wait an hour or two for a response. For our podcast, we used zoom to record it, and it went pretty smoothly, I think. I was able to press record and able to show clips from youtube.

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