Least Non-Dystopian type Government

I believe that a democracy-type government is less dystopian. I chose democracy because the government is limited, and the people hold power. Because the people own the government, they have a say in what laws are passed and what happens in their country. Also, in a democratic government, the people vote who is in power in all branches of government and our states and cities.

Even though I chose democracy as the less dystopian, our lives are slowly being controlled even here in the United States. Just recently, in Louisiana, having an abortion is now illegal. I am pro-choice and believe in my body my choice. That being said because most Louisiana voted yes for the people who disagreed have no resources to get an abortion in the state if they wanted to. This is very controversial now because what does my body have to do with you? When the government starts to take over your life slowly, it will begin to abuse its power to take over our lives.

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