Dystopias in its Realest Form

A dystopia is the opposite of a utopia, the idea of making a place perfect and controlling people that ends up backfiring. I say this based on things that these fictional characters tried to do and even what is happening in the world today. In the article “More facial recognition technology reported in non-white areas of NYC: Amnesty International,” Survalence cameras are being misused. What makes this a dystopia is that they are using something that may be used for security reasons, is being used to imprison and watch people. Another example is the real-life purge. Even though it is terrifying, The Purge is based on historical events that occurred centuries ago. In ancient Rome, there was an event called Saturnalia once a year where people were free to do anything they liked for a week without consequences, including murder. As a result, the pagan people took a break from the rules during the week over the solstice, roughly corresponding to the 17th to 25th of December: they would get tanked up, fight, and occasionally kill each other. It is horrifying to think that something like The Purge happened during Saturnalia, which ended around 497 B.C.

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