Halfway there : An Evaluation

With all honesty, when I signed up for this course, I was not really sure of what to expect from it in terms of the content apart from the main idea that would be focused upon which was obvious through the course title and I wasn’t sure of how those ideas that could be possibly conveyed within this course be taught. But I must say thus far, I have really liked the way we have approached things within this course and the different aspects and ideas pertaining to dystopia that I have gained over the course of this semester thus far.

One thing I particularly like about this course is how within this course Dr. Todd has incorporated different mediums like books, articles, chapters from books and films through which the aspect of dystopia can be better highlighted because all these sources tend to focus on different points and that too in varied ways. Furthermore, apart from the exposure to all these sources we also get a more in-depth insight from these sources through things like the annotated readings. I like the annotated readings because with it one is not mindlessly reading the literary text instead we get to take note of important things and our thoughts that come up along the way and with being able to read other people’s annotations once you have read the literary text yourself, helps you to draw better connections with the stuff and it often happens that sometimes you might have not thought about something in a certain way, annotated readings help you see that. And then blogposts help you expand on the ideas we gain through the readings, class discussions, our general knowledge and findings acquired through other classes and fitting them into the idea of dystopia. With blogposts one is also able to further draw connections amongst all the readings forming a more coherent larger picture. I love how this class has helped, with the stuff we have covered thus far, on how to spot something as being dystopian with the way we have narrowed some main characteristics found in dystopias across the board whether it be literature or the picture media and I often tend to find things within our real life that might be dystopian or could end up being dystopian whether it is something in the present or past. So, I believe the annotated readings and blogposts should be continued as they have doing thus far.

Apart from that I believe that the one thing we could improve a little within the class is the way we approach the smaller readings like the articles or sections from various books we have read apart from the two main books we have covered. I do realize that we go over the readings within the class at least for most of the ones we have done thus far by going over them in class within groups and then for some coming back as a class to discuss the ideas gathered in the groups. However, I believe while I like that this helps convey ideas better as some people who might be a little hesitant to convey ideas within overall class discussions are able to do so in the smaller groups but along with that I believe it would be better if we could get some insight from Dr. Todd on how he thinks about the reading and expand on the ideas referred there in a short lecture format.

Overall, the class has been really engaging, informative and helpful in terms of gaining knowledge, conveying and understanding ideas and apart from the slight addition to the way we do some things I wouldn’t really like to observe any changes within the course. And I hope it continues the way it has been thus far.

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