A personal strength of mine while working in a group is being able to communicate my ideas, and/or thoughts about whatever the task at hand is. I’ve always been able to voice my opinion where I feel it is needed. I personally don’t mind working in a group, however, sometimes it can get frustrating. On a scale of 1to 10, I describe my comfortability rate as a 7.5. Although I’ve had both good and bad experiences with working in a group I try to give everyone a clean slate at the beginning of projects. Conclusively, I am optimistic about the work to come from my group and me during the upcoming project.

Personally, I am quite tech-savvy. I have never experienced having to communicate technically over a wide platform, in the form of a podcast. However, I do have a YouTube channel where I often am able to communicate to a platform to hundreds or even thousands to see. So, I would describe my technical communication skills as succinct and would rate myself as an 8/10. Although I’ve never been a part of a podcast, I don’t feel as if it’ll be hard to learn.

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