Dystopia ReUnveiled

Dystopia is the opposite of utopia. It is a bad place that is real or imagined.

In a dystopian world, individuals have an absence of freedom. They are mistreated, discriminated against, exploited, killed, etc by their governments. There are places on the planet that can be viewed as more dystopian than others. However, no place can at any point be thought of as really utopian; or dystopian. In spite of the fact that our reality is neither totally an oppressed world nor totally an ideal world, it contains viewpoints that would be viewed as dystopian in nature like the citizen monitoring, war, and the division of residents by class or capacity which work with the facility of a dystopian world

Two assignments that we’ve completed in this class that revealed dystopias perfectly are the podcast project and the readings of Young Five Faces of Oppression. To furthermore, elaborate on these examples, Young’s Five Faces of Oppression violence, exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism are examples of dystopian themes in the movies and/or books we read which ties into the next point; the podcast project. Through this assignment, we were able to unveil dystopian elements in movies or books we read every day and find ways that they correlate to the class or how they mirror today’s society. Both of which were affected in truly learning and understanding the meaning of a dystopia.

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