At the beginning of the movie The Purge, written by James DeMonaco everybody appears to be so cheerful and cordial. The town they live in looks so edified and ideal. Yet under this exterior of bliss is a terrible dystopian society where mischief and crime are deemed lawful for one night a year for a total of 12 hours. Individuals must safeguard themselves.

The savagery and mischief are communicated and filled with purposeful anecdotes of America’s flawed governmental issues. As well as, manipulated financial situations are depicted when the poor are persecuted by the rich because of no access to weapons and first class security frameworks. It was the wealthy v. wealthy, wealthy v. poor, and poor v. poor. An every man for himself type of ordeal. The Purge isn’t your normal celebrated celebration in America like Mardi Gras, Fair, or even Halloween. Notwithstanding, they all have similar set-up like assigned times where individuals can abuse normal practices. As said in the film by the main enemy, “the cleanse is Halloween for the grown-ups”.

Although the movie attempted to touch on rather big ideas and the society we live in today it could have been better. From a personal perspective, I feel like this film would’ve been more fascinating as a collection of brief tales spinning around The Purge. Something like a perspective on a select number of individuals with various objectives and narratives at various stretches. Aditionally, the main thing that truly annoyed me about The Purge is that, when presented with the opportunity to do anything they wanted and face no repercussions at all, everybody hops directly to rape and/or murder. I thought it would be way better to say ‘Let’s go score some free furniture, clothing, food, gas?! Neccessities; things that actually mattered. Honestly, no one did anything for personal gain!

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