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I sense that I am becoming more comfortable observing behaviors in literature and movies that relate to dystopian societies. I have a greater understanding of what emotions a person may be going through when faced with a society that does not encourage individuality, independence or equality among its citizens. Reading 1984 by George Orwell and the Five Faces of Oppression by Iris Young creates a lot of good benchmarks or check-boxes to remember when assessing what society is supposed to do and comparing it to what society really does.

I have also learned that as society expands, it is imperative to be as informed as possible about what goes on and what the motivations of the oppressive party may be. Using technology in class has proven to be an essential part of that process of gaining knowledge. Using the analytical skills that I got from sources we have read in class, I am able to pinpoint keywords necessary to find the most credible information from multiple perspectives. Being properly informed has allowed me to make better annotations, find better examples of dystopias in reality and have a more active role in my learning experience.

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