Is climate change oppression?

Is climate change oppression? For us to be able to understand and give a thorough answer, we first must answer a few questions. What is climate change? “long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns?” With the occurrence of climate change, the long-lasting effects will be detrimental to humankind and the world as we know it. If we reach certain temperatures, the earth would be unsustainable for all living things. With knowing this information, we also must understand who is in control and who is being oppressed. Government officials and world organizations are in control. They are the ones who form organizations that can help prevent or worsen climate change. Locals, of course, play a part in their day-to-day lives and can create their organizations to help, but it is those government officials that will have a global effect and are in control of the causes of human distribution that play a major factor in climate change. With this being said, I think we can look at climate change as a type of oppression. Scientists and locals who see and know the effects of human distribution in nature, time and time come out and fight amongst it. Yet, they are often ignored and told “climate change is not real.” Even though science has proven that it is. Not only is it a type of oppression towards humans who are fighting against it, but for the innocent living things amongst us like animals who do not have a voice to fight back but are deeply affected by the problems from climate change. As humans, it should be our goal to come together and fight against those in power, who continue to use our earth for their benefit. Not taking into regard, the damage they are creating. Climate change is real, and we are living in a time where we are now seeing its effects of it.

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