Dystopia or Dystopian?

Dystopia is the reality of a black person living in America. Although dystopia is an imagined world, the way the American systematics works against blacks acts as dystopian. The life of a black person is a real-life dystopia because to wake up black in America is to wake up living a life of fear. Fear that you may not get a certain job because of the color of your skin, fear that you may be convicted of a crime you did not commit due to the color of your skin, and so on. It is a realistic dystopia because a group of people has been living a life of wretchedness, and fear and have been dehumanized. Being dehumanized during the times of slavery, black people were not seen as humans. Not even an equal to a dog, but yet property. In current times black women are dehumanized in hospitals because as a black woman, you are not capable of experiencing actual pain because you are seen as an animalistic creatures. For a black person, dystopia is the reality and not an imagined word since the time blacks were enslaved to America. For black people, dystopia is now their lives. Although black people have many happy moments, they live a life of a wretched person because to wake up to see the 40th black person killed this year because a police officer felt the need to press upon their chest, suffocating them to death. To see those things happening to people who look like you from the time you were 10 to the age of 66 is a life that will bring much trauma and misery because this is their reality. To see traumatic events happening over and over again, simply due to the color of their skin is wretched. So although we say dystopia is an unimagined world because how can someone live such a harsh life? We’ll think of the life of a black person here in America. A dystopian.

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