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I would align myself to be a utopian thinker. I strongly believe that political order could be run better. Unlike anti-anti utopians who may believe this, but don’t take any action or think of a way to fix it. In America, our biggest political and social issues coexist with one another. The citizens are fighting for basic human rights every day, all day and we have been asking for centuries that the government and political officials make a change. Although some changes have been made, the world remains in a state of chaos, and a place where to one’s race, beliefs, and gender associations, one suffers injustices daily. With this being known, government officials have not made such a change that has impacted the world. In my opinion, to fix this we must create a completely new government. The systems built are working just fine, they were not built to better the lives of at the time of enslaved people. Anyone outside of a white male does not truly benefit from today’s system set in place. We live in a completely different world now, and this new world must have a new system that benefits those living in a society, so that they can truly be free and have equal opportunities. Another way we could fix many of the issues we have now is to get rid of capitalism. We need an economic system that does not require the majority to be poor so that the 1% can be extremely rich. Just imagine a society where everyone has a home, water, food, and any other necessities. I think people should still have the right to have extravagant things, but not at the cost of other people having nothing. Systems should be set in place, where everyone has the necessities to live. Anyone who wants more can maybe work at certain jobs that pay more. Or be required to pay taxes for owning more than the “necessary” amount of land. Homelessness and starvation should not be a thing that anyone has to suffer from, because it’s simply more than enough resources for them to have a home and food. Grocery stores and restaurants throw away tons of food daily. If everyone on earth had a home, it still would empty houses. Therefore everyone should have a home.

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