Facts Are Scarier Than Fiction

The Red Scare, led by United States Senator John McCarthy in the 1940s and 50s, was a dystopian situation. There was an elevated paranoia of Communists that were living among innocent Americans while plotting to cease power over Democracy and rule the world. This lead to the blacklisting of several public figures in politics and in Hollywood that voiced an opposing opinion to the frenzied witch hunt for traitors and communist sympathizers in the United States.

The Red Scare situation occurred in a real place, which is the United States. It also restricted the kind of life that Americans could have at that time. Any citizens that were speaking some form of dissent about America in any way could be suspected as being a link to Communism. This oppression being faced by the American people was also facilitated by the United States government and given the authority to abuse the rights of citizens with the Loyalty Order signed by President Truman and enforced by J. Edgar Hoover. What could have prevented this situation from being so devastating for those who were singled-out at J. Edgar`s discretion was a collective protest by the citizens themselves to call out this abuse of power.

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