Episode 9: The Hunger Games

avatar Alina Baltimore
My experience throughout this entire podcast project was easier than I expected. At first, I thought this would be some extremely difficult task that I never did before due to my lack of experience in the media field. However, the making of the podcast script was easy because the movie had a lot of aspects that can be related back to our society or previous books we read in the class like 1984. Furthemore, making the podcast itself was a little bit of a struggle since we had to record through our cellular devices. Overall, the podcast came together nicely especially with the use of the sound and audio clips. This podcast project was different from typical group projects and I enjoyed it more because it was out of the box.
avatar Joelle Graham
avatar Reggionna Patterson
My experiences of this podcast were a bit stressful but it came together in the end to be a very memorable project. I never had any experience with doing a podcast project so to hear I had to do one was a bit nerve wracking. Overall, after watching the hunger games and connecting what we learned about dystopias in class as well as realizing elements from our reading, the topic of discussion became clear and a fun one to discuss! It’s thrilling to know we’re living in our very own dystopia and to be able to connect aspects from both class and the movie to real life events. This was a great project to have one that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

Show Notes

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