Episode 3: The Stepford Wives

avatar Victoria Clark
Victoria Clark is a junior Mass Communication major, creative writing minor who plans on becoming a print journalist while advocating for the black community and a published poet.
avatar Kade Grijialiva
Kade Grijialiva is a junior English Education major who plans on becoming a middle school teacher.
avatar Taryn Robinson
Taryn Robinson is a senior English major, creative writing minor who enjoys discussions about race relations and equality. Immediately upon graduation, she plans on teaching high school juniors and seniors, and getting into freelance writing.
avatar Armani Stewart
Armani Stewart is a junior English Major who loves reading, writing, and doing comparative analyses with works of literature.

Show Notes

Works Cited

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About Jason S. Todd

Jason S. Todd studied writing with Frederick and Steven Barthelme and Mary Robison at the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. His fiction has appeared in journals such as Southern California Review, Chicago Quarterly Review, Fiction Weekly, and 971 Magazine. Since 2007, he has been a member of Department of English at Xavier, where he teaches American Literature, Freshman Composition, Modern English Grammars, and The Graphic Novel and Social Justice. In 2015, he became the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development's first Associate Director for Programming, as which he assists in providing high-quality, relevant, evidence-based programming in support of CAT+FD's mission to serve faculty across all career stages and areas of professional responsibility.
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