Dystopian elements in Higher Education

Education is not only a means to enlighten us especially with the different education systems present in different places throughout the world but also a means to provide oncoming generations with a better and brighter future through making them well equipped and skilled for various professions and life in general. However, in certain cases, the education system has such practices and requirements in place that often makes something like education, which if I must say is a basic right for everyone just like everyone has the right to live a good life, inaccessible or more so hard to achieve for some people. And this aspect of it can be termed to be almost dystopian.

As far as my own experience at Xavier University is concerned thus far, I have been welcomed with a really pleasant environment. Most of my professors have been extremely helpful and have helped me shape myself into who I am today with an all round generally strong support system in form of the different departments throughout the university that help you whenever in need. Overall, none of the aspects of this university, in my opinion, could be termed as being dystopian.

However, as far as the general Higher education system of America is concerned I believe that although on one hand, while everyone is provided with immense opportunities and resources that could help anyone succeed in life, there are certain aspects of it where several people tend to struggle or just experience a general hard time. And one of the biggest aspect I am referring to is the aspect of Higher education being extremely expensive where most of the people cannot afford it and despite the fact that governments or different organizations provide students with numerous types of loans and various scholarships to be able to fund their education at terms that are feasible for them. But the very fact of something as basic as education which is a necessity for one to find a better job to be able to sustain within the future and serve the society, being so expensive is what is a bit dystopian to me. And although the loans provided helps one fund their education, in the longer run, the student once he gets out of school, has to pay the money off with interest. And most of the times, it’s the case that the student is unable to get a really good job as soon as he/she finishes school which means that the person is already strained in terms of their expenses and to add on another expense of paying off the loans they had to take to fund their education could take a toll on them. And often such stressful situations could often lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. And according to our evolving definition of dystopia within the class, a dystopia is a situation where people live within “a wretched existence” and I believe such a situation as described above fits this definition pretty well. What is more disbelieving is how through acquiring a good education, students would eventually be benefitting the society in the longer run but unfortunately in the world we live in, the present interests are kept more in focus rather than the longer term benefits. And the necessary changes I believe should arise from how the budgets within the government are allocated to different sectors and then monitoring the subsequent cuts that are made keeping in mind what is more beneficial and important in the longer run and to give every decision a second thought of whether a specific move is really required.

Overall, I believe America has a really great education system (one of the best) which is why so many people across the world aspire to have an opportunity of availing this education but some minor changes can surely make it much more efficient and easily accessible for everyone.

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