Dystopian Discrepancies

Within America, we have seen several forms of oppression. The LGBT community, racial minority groups, disabled citizens, and lower class citizens are examples of those who automatically fall victim to the injustices of the society. These groups of citizens are thrown into a dystopian society as soon as their identities are recognized. They aren’t allowed the same opportunities as the majority. Lower class citizens are denied healthcare. As reported by The Commonwealth Fund, income is strongly associated with morbidity and mortality across the income distribution. Jobs are being denied to the LGBT community due to their sexual orientation. According to American Civil Liberties Union, the U.S. military openly discriminates against the LGBT community. Racial minorities face violence which, often times, costs them their lives. According to Los Angeles Times, about 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police. These groups are not protected by the government, law enforcement, or even other citizens. These groups are oppressed and experiencing a dystopia every day they wake.

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