Dystopia Defined In Just 19 Words

Xavier University, Secondary education, and America’s system is a lot of things, but a dystopia is not one. My university along with other institutions of higher learning aren’t dystopias. Based on our evolving definition of a dystopia, I would just say it is just corrupted. A dystopia based on our class’ definition is an imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority. College students aren’t restricted when it comes to being at a university. They aren’t subjected to harsh and authoritarian treatment, like in The Purge or 1984. They get to live freely as long as they respect themselves, the university, and other people’s rights in and outside the institution. Although we do have task forces to oversee the student body, their job isn’t to enforce and oppress students. It is to keep the university structured. I believe college students have a lot of leverage and room to do what they want. College students have a seat at the table to discuss what happens to their university and what policies are being in place. If they aren’t at the table, then they have officers like SGA to speak for them on their behalf. For example, at Xavier, we had an issue with the increase in the student activities in which the students had a say of what happens to it. A lot of issues and problems my university and other institutions face always seek to include the students because we make up the university. Without us, there wouldn’t be an institution of higher learning.

Furthermore, the reason I say the university isn’t dystopian but corrupted is because the main focus of the university isn’t about the well-being of the students anymore. Our nation changed the focus of higher learning from that to being about only money. Secondary education is overpriced for no reason. America only has it ridiculously high for one reason only: capitalism. A college education is at the price it is at because the country knows people are going to buy into something if they really want it. With how our economy is set up, if the average human being wants a decent wage, they will have to go to college and submit to the overprice education. If I could get the job I want without a college education, I wouldn’t endure this expensive system. College is a scam because it is overpriced and way out of people’s affordability range. It is designed to force people take out student loans in order to pay for schooling. These large loans cause people to pay it back for the rest of their lives contributing to capitalism. America is wealthy. It rather sees its people struggle than actually helped them for the greater of the common good. Secondary education is corrupted. America is the dystopia.

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