Dystopia and The Purge

The Purge is about an America where to reduce crime; there’s one day during the year where all crime even murder is legal. The movie focuses on a wealthy family that has access to extreme security and plan to spend the Purge hidden. But the son of the family lets a homeless man who has no protection from people trying to kill him into their house. And because of that, the people who were chasing the man come to their home and try to force them to give him up. At first, the parents wan tot give up the homeless man, but then they agree to let him stay, so the rest of the movie is the family trying to fight to make sure the people don’t get in their house and just overall to survive the night.

The dystopia portrayed in The Purge is a realistic dystopia to me because, in the Purge, they say the Purge is for everyone to get their frustrations out. Its really for people to attack poor, underrepresented people because they can’t protect themselves, and they don’t have access to fancy alarm systems like the rich people, so they are the primary targets. They also can’t buy any guns or weapons cause they don’t have any money. This is realistic because a lot of times in the real world, resources are only available to people with money, so people who don’t have money don’t have access to many resources. And because of that, they often can not protect or take care of themselves.
The Purge is dystopian because there is an imbalance of wealth, so only rich people have access to protection and weapons. While poor people don’t, It is also a dystopia because people in the government don’t have to follow the rules. But everyone else has to follow the rules. In the Purge, they also don’t talk about underrepresented groups. They show how rich people experience things, which is a theme in many dystopias.

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