Dystopia and Education

I believe that the university and higher education system have some dystopian elements but may not be a completely dystopian. An example of a dystopian component that the university and the education system have is the pricing. The price of school, specifically college and the price of resources for school, is often remarkably high and, as a result, stops people from being able to attend because they may not be able to afford it. And even if people find a way to pay for college, then most have to spend almost their entire life paying back the student loans that they got to pay for school. Because the jobs they got after college don’t pay them enough. So school is a resource that isn’t available to some people because they are a part of a lower class, and even if they manage to go to school as I said, they often will stay in debt well after they have graduated and gotten a career. I believe this is a dystopian element because education is something that everyone should have a chance to pursue, but the high pricing prevents some people from being able to, so there is an imbalance. Another example of a dystopian element of the university/education system is the lack of listening to or implementing student ideas or suggestions. A lot of the time, student critiques of things in education are ignored or glossed over, and as a result, items are put in place or continue on that do not benefit the students. This is a dystopian element because, in this case, only the voices of the administration or people in authority are heard while the student’s voices are ignored. 

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