The Government that Benefits Everyone

A democratic socialist government consists of a socialist economy with a democratic political system. The characteristics of a socialist economy are a system of production that is owned by the government, products are made for direct use to people, and little to no competition in businesses. The socialist economy operates towards the needs of everyone in the country to attain equality in class, rather than produce and work for profit like a market economy. The government sets goals for the growth of the economy with businesses and profits that are shared with the whole country. The government owns major industries and is able to create and fund services that are efficient and needed by everyone. The democratic political system would allow for all citizens to voice how the government implements programs and economic policies. For example, the democracy of the people would choose which social services for the country to allocate funds to. Private property is usually held to a minimum, but public assistance and pensions are extensively funded. Essentially, a democratic socialist government incorporates both systems to create a publicly favored system.

The reason a democratic socialist government was chosen as the least dystopian government is because the happiest countries have similar characteristics to this system. Denmark, Finland, and other Nordic countries are the happiest countries in the world. The defining characteristic between them is a strong support system with the freedom to make choices, which can be anticipated from a democratic socialist system.

A dystopian society is when a government’s restrictions or power causes great suffering. However, the whole point of a democratic socialist is to equally allocate services so that everyone in the public can access resources. The government limits the accumulation of wealth towards a group of individuals as profits are ideally shared with the whole country. This would create a restriction on how much a person can make and gain, however it prevents a high disparity in class. There is less opportunity for intense suffering as there should be enough funding to provide everyone with the essential needs to survive. The abuse of the government is possible and people can find ways to overthrow this government, but there is no reason to. Competition is useless as there is no benefit to competing in an environment where everyone has essentially the same opportunities and privileges. People only invade to take over possessions they do not have themselves, but a system where everyone has the same opportunity for gain prevents that.

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