Beginnings of the Podcast

I have only worked on a few group projects during my time at Xavier. Through those experiences, I can say that I am comfortable with working both in a group and alone. I might need some time to process information or create my own opinions. However, I am easy to reach out to and I get assignments done on time. I tend to take the role of a worker or helper rather than a leader of a group. This does not mean that we need a leader or that I cannot be one, but I found that collective agreement is better than having one person that dictates everything. I’ve realized that group discussions allow me to see topics and issues from a different perspective. Especially when everyone is committed to doing the work, it can be an enlightening experience. For the most part, I am excited about the project because I’ve listened to many podcasts before but this will be the first time actually producing one. 

The technological advancements in this era have allowed everyone the capability to communicate with a large audience. Popular apps like Instagram and TikTok allow people to have freedom of expression through pictures and videos. Spotify allows people to express themselves through the production of music and podcasts. The possibilities are endless. However, I have not used technology to reach a large audience. I never thought of the need to reach a large audience, because I did not think I had anything special to offer to society. Although the possibility is there, my phone has the ability to produce any type of content I want. To reach a large audience, all I would need to do is have meaningful content or message that is relatable. Content that resonates with people and offers them insightful information would reach the right people. 

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