Podcast Positivity

When it comes to my ability and comfort with working in a group I feel like at first I may be a little reserves, but for the most part I am able to break out of it very quickly; this is especially because our grades at at stake here. I am coming into this project with an open mind and I am super optimistic about what we can create as a collective. I do not personally know anyone in my group, so it will be fun to be able to “pick everyone’s brain” and see how they think. I know that I am someone that my group will be able to rely on and I am all about everyone doing their part, but at the same time we can still help each other. For example: If we all did our parts of the script etc. and someone thinks they can add something to what I already wrote to make it better, then that’s what we should do. I am good at taking constructive criticism because it makes me better.

I would like to consider myself to be technically savvy. I am pretty familiar with basic technological skills, but I also took a course at my previous university where I learned a lot about editing and doing creative projects. Obviously, these are skills that I will have to brush up on because I don’t have any social media platforms of my own that require editing. I do think that the technology part of the Podcast will be fun because we can use special effects.

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