Podcast Group Reflection

I think for the most part the group was easygoing. The only issue was that it was always a hassle to be able to get everyone to meet all at once. Also, we ended up needing to record the podcast more than once due to sound and internet issues. It was really nice to be in a group of people who had a common goal of getting an “A” and were willing to do as much work as we had to individually before all coming together at the end.

I think my ability to use technology is maybe a tad bit above average. We recorded our podcast on zoom and in order to work collaboratively, I was able to share my screen with the entire group so everyone would be able to follow along in the script. I think the required technological aptitude to complete this assignment was very average. The more advanced component that my group incorporated was using actual clips from the movie we chose to do our podcast on. Overall, I think we all did our part individually, which in turn made life a lot easier when we finally did come together to record the podcast.

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